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Teachers' posts about Inquiry Maths

Rachel Mahoney

HCF and LCM inquiry

Emma Morgan

Steps inquiry

Samia Henaine

Exponents inquiry

Amanda Klahn

4-by-3 rectangle inquiry

Sonya terBorg

Parallel lines inquiry

Rachel Mahoney

Volume and surface area inquiry

Luke Pearce

Sum and product of two fractions inquiry

Caitriona Martin

Number line inquiry

Rachel Mahoney

Sum and product of two fractions inquiry

Luke Pearce

Distance-time graph inquiry

Amanda Klahn

Multiple inquiries

Rachel Mahoney

Sum of two unit fractions inquiry

Inquiry Maths posts

Inquiry Maths in the classroom

Debates in mathematics education

Compares Naveen Rizvi's use of a prompt in Direct Instruction to inquiry.

Responds to Craig Barton's criticisms of Inquiry Maths in his first book.

Discusses Chris's blog post We Don’t Know How To Teach Math.

Reviews Andrew Day's book Numberverse.

Part 1 analyses the first appearance of mastery in the UK.

Part 2 reviews the NCETM's backing for mastery.

The final part replies to the NCETM's comments on part 2.

Review of the Inquiry and Mastery series: “This is a significant, must-read piece of writing which offers key ideas relating learning with problem solving.” Mike Ollerton (author of Learning and Teaching Mathematics Without a Textbook)

Compares the Shanghai model, promoted by the UK government since 2012, to inquiry learning.

Reviews a lesson taught in the UK by a teacher from Shanghai.

Discusses how the debate in 2013 between the UK education minister and Ken Robinson missed the point.


Blogs on mathematical inquiry

Authentic Inquiry Maths

Bruce Ferrington

Following Learning

Simon Gregg

Enquiry-Based Maths

Graeme Anshaw

Inquiring Naturally

Taylor Boyd