What teachers say about Inquiry Maths

"I introduced this approach in my classroom and the outcome was amazing." Sanchita Dalal

"The place value prompt is a great way to gauge prior knowledge, generate questions, and create excitement and interest." Amelia O'Brien

"The Inquiry Maths process gave the students the experience of being real mathematicians, something which is far too rarely the case in schools. They loved it and I felt that I learned much more about their strengths than I had in the preceding lessons." Luke Pearce

"I've trialled some of the ideas on the site and am really seeing it pay off in the engagement and excitement generated in the classroom. The creativity of the children is inspiring for me." Harry Allen

"Inquiry Maths creates an excellent learning environment. The classroom becomes a safe space in which students can investigate, look for connections and know that it is OK for earlier assumptions and thoughts to be wrong." Rachel Mahoney

"Inquiry Maths empowers students by giving them a voice. It celebrates the value of an individual's ideas, whilst linking those ideas to a wider web of mathematical thinking." Jhahida Miah

"The prompts encourage students to stretch just beyond their current knowledge." Caitriona Martin

"Every time I teach in this way I am always surprised at what my students can do." Nichola Sowinska

"Using Inquiry Maths has made my year 7 students into active learners who are fearless and methodical when attacking a problem." Emma Morgan

"Inquiry Maths has proved successful in increasing personalisation, differentiation and students' independence." Amanda Kirby

"I'm an Algebra teacher for 8th graders and need to get them to start thinking beyond just getting the answer. These are some awesome activities to do with them." Barbara Parr

"The prompts are inspirational lesson ideas. Each seemingly simple prompt is designed to intrigue students, leading to a rich mathematical task that can be explored in a variety of ways." Steve Lyon

"It was astonishing to see, just within the first 10 minutes, such interesting questions being articulated and then students working collaboratively to answer them. There were lots of 'aha' moments and the whole class was engaged at a level I hadn't seen before." Raj Vara

"I will definitely be trying more prompts with this class in the future as it really gave them a chance to think mathematically and challenge themselves." Emmy Bennett

"I've been teaching 12 years and most of the resources I find are variations on the same thing. For me, this really is something different and I've used quite a few of the prompts in lessons. When the inquiries lead to an unexpected discovery, it is a big buzz to see the students' reactions." Tony Fudger

"The inquiry went way better than I ever imagined. The students went further than I thought they would and wondered and made predictions beyond what I expected. This was a very rich learning experience for the students and for me." Derek Christensen

"Inquiry Maths is a new way of teaching which is actually working and more useful than a whole exercise on a topic." Pal Rayit