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Algebra prompts

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Expressions and proof
im Number line inquiry
im Steps inquiry
im Squaring numbers inquiry
im Difference of two squares inquiry
Difference of two cubes inquiry
im Intersecting sequences inquiry
im Difference, sum and product inquiry
The difference, sum and product of two numbers are the first three terms of a sequence.
im Product of two terms inquiry
The product of any two terms in a sequence is also a term in the sequence.
im Linear and quadratic sequences
im Solving equations inquiry
im Solving advanced equations inquiry
im Solving simultaneous equations inquiry
Quadratic functions
im Expanding brackets inquiry
Triple brackets inquiry

im Quadratic equations inquiry
im Coefficients inquiry NEW
If the coefficients and constant of a quadratic equation are all odd, then the solutions can never be integers.
im Substitution inquiry
im Formulae inquiry
im Coordinates inquiry
im Straight line graphs inquiry
im Intersecting lines inquiry
im Distance-time graph inquiry
im Sets and Venn diagrams inquiry NEW
im Matrices inquiry