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Number prompts

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Calculations: multiplication
im Multiplication inquiry
im Multiplication inequalities inquiry
Calculations: addition
im Pyramid addition inquiry
Calculations: division
im Division inquiry
Calculations with decimals
im Decimal multiplication inquiry
im Multiplication and division inquiry
Negative numbers
im Negative numbers inquiry
Place value and decimals
im Place value inquiry
Prime numbers
im Prime factors inquiry
Factors and multiples
im Product of factors inquiry
The product of the factors of 24 equals 244
im HCF and LCM inquiry 1
The product of two numbers divided by their highest common factor is their lowest common multiple. 
im HCF and LCM inquiry 2
There are four pairs of integers which have a highest common factor of 6 and a lowest common multiple of 180.
im Sum and product of fractions inquiry
The sum of two fractions equals their product.
im Adding fractions inquiry
im Sum of unit fractions inquiry
The sum of two unit fractions is a unit fraction.
im Fraction of a number inquiry
im Fractions inequality inquiries
im Dividing fractions inquiry
Mixed numbers
im Mixed numbers inquiry
Fractions and decimals
im Fraction and decimal conversion inquiry
Any fraction can be converted to a decimal and any decimal can be converted to a fraction.
im Recurring decimals inquiry
The decimal equivalent of a fraction with an even denominator terminates; the decimal equivalent of a fraction with a prime denominator recurs.
im Percentages inquiry
im Percentage increase and decrease inquiry
Ratio and proportion  
im Ratio and proportion inquiries
im Rectangle ratios 1 inquiry NEW
im Rectangle ratios 2 inquiry NEW
im Surds inquiry  
Indices (exponents)
im Indices inquiry
im Squares and cubes inquiry
im Laws of exponents inquiry
im Base and index inquiry
im Inequalities inquiry