A collection of Inquiry Maths prompts can be found on the National STEM Centre's eLibrary (based at the University of York, UK). Steve Lyon, STEM mathematics specialist, described the prompts as "inspirational lesson ideas" and continued: "Each seemingly simple prompt is designed to intrigue students, leading to a rich mathematical task that can be explored in a variety of ways."

Inquiry Maths contacts

Andrew Blair

Andrew has been a teacher in comprehensive schools for over 20 years and, since 2001, a leader of maths departments in four different schools. Over the last 12 years, he has devised and developed the Inquiry Maths model and used inquiry prompts with different types of classes. As interest in his form of inquiry is growing, Andrew created this website for teachers to gain access to ideas about Inquiry Maths and to generate further discussion around the prompts. Moreover, he is studying the forms of reasoning that arise in Inquiry Maths lessons for a PhD at King's College, London. Andrew has run workshops for many different audiences, including teachers attending the annual conference of the Association of Teacher of Mathematics (UK).
Caitriona Martin
Caitriona is a secondary school maths teacher and second-in-charge of a department in Leatherhead, Surrey (UK). Her interest in Inquiry Maths began when she was inspired by a workshop during her PGCE year at Brighton University and, since then, Caitriona has been incorporating prompts into her teaching. She has been encouraged by students taking ownership of their learning, thinking for themselves and being motivated to learn new concepts in order to answer their own questions. Caitriona has run Inquiry Maths workshops for teachers and for trainee teachers on university courses.
Matt Carvel

Matt is a newly-qualified secondary school maths teacher. He experimented with the Inquiry Maths model during his training and has since developed his understanding of classroom inquiry. In particular, Matt enjoys the challenge of knowing when to structure inquiries and when to give students the space to develop their own pathways. Matt also values the opportunities students have during inquiry learning to explain their reasoning to each other, adding that “the best moment of my teaching career” occurred when two students collaborated on devising a method in front of the class. Matt has run Inquiry Maths workshops for teachers.

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