TES interview
(June 2013)

Podcast 9
Join Craig Barton, adviser for secondary maths at the Times Educational Supplement, for the ninth episode of the TES Maths Podcast – your monthly dose of mathematical debate, ideas and resources. This episode Craig Barton is joined in the studio by Andrew Blair, an experienced Head of Department and the man behind the incredibly exciting website Inquiry Maths. On this episode we talked about running a successful inquiry-based lesson, and the changing role of the Head of Department (including sound advice for anyone thinking of taking up the role).
A collection of Inquiry Maths prompts can be found on the National STEM Centre's eLibrary (based at the University of York, UK). Steve Lyon, STEM mathematics specialist, described the prompts as "inspirational lesson ideas" and continued: "Each seemingly simple prompt is designed to intrigue students, leading to a rich mathematical task that can be explored in a variety of ways."
The first five prompts on the Inquiry Maths website were developed with the assistance of a Gatsby Teacher Fellowship in 2004-05. I am grateful to the Gatsby Educational Trust for the interest it showed in my early work at a time when inquiry teaching seemed out-of-step with the orthodoxy of the National Numeracy Strategy in the UK.
Andrew Blair