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Geometry prompts

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im 2-dimensional shapes inquiry
Shapes and circles
im Overlapping shapes inquiry
Angles and shapes
im 4 pentagons inquiry
im 12 equilateral triangles inquiry
im Parallel lines inquiry
im Equal areas inquiry 1
The areas of a rectangle, a triangle and a circle are equal.
im Equal areas inquiry 2
im Square and circle inquiry
A square fits into a circle better than a circle fits into a square.
im Fraction of a shape inquiry

Area and perimeter
im 4 by 3 rectangle inquiry
Volume and surface area
im Surface area and volume inquiry
The surface area of a cuboid can never be less than its volume.
im Volume of a cylinder inquiry
For a cylinder of volume πr2h, r + h = n. Given n, the maximum volume occurs when r and h are integers.
im Enlargement inquiry
Scale factors
im Scale factors inquiry
The surface area and volume of cube B are 
twice the surface area and volume of cube A.
im Reflections and coordinates inquiry
If point (a,b) is reflected in the line y = x, then the image will be at (b,a).
im Combined transformations inquiry
If you reflect a shape twice in two different lines of reflection, then you can map the object onto the image with one transformation.
Pythagoras' Theorem and trigonometry
im Right-angled triangles inquiry
im Four scalene triangles inquiry
im Area of a triangle inquiry